Address: Room Q33, Malvinas väg 6, KTH Stockholm


Session 1 (9:00-10:30 )
Enterprise Architecture: planning and evolution for providing new services

(1) Evolution of enterprise architecture for digital transformation, by A. Zimmermann, R. Schmidt, K. Sandkuhl, D. Jugel, J. Bognel, M. Möhring.

(2) A model-based method for the evaluation of project proposal compliance with EA planning, by M. Langermeier and B. Bauer.

Break 10:30-11:00

Session 2 (11:00-12:30 )
Mastering Enterprise Architecture

(3) Applying a lightweight Enterprise Architecture framework for parcel data entry optimization, by M. Falcao, G. Guerra, M. Neves, I. Sena and S. Santos.

(4) Measuring Enterprise Architecture complexity, by M.E. Iacob, J. Monteban, M. van Sinderen, E. Hegeman, K. Bitaraf.

Lunch 12:30-13:30

Session 3 (13:30-15:00 )
Enterprise Architecture: a leverage for enterprise strategy

(5) Reporting from the Implementation of a Business Capability Map as Business-IT Alignment Tool, by G. Bondel, A. Faber and F. Matthes.

(6) Intelligent discovery features for EDM and MDM systems, by M. Agaram.

Break 15:00-15:30

MTSEC 15:30-17:00

15:30 Adapt Cases 4 BPM – A Modeling Framework for Process Flexibility in IIoT. Gregor Engels, Thim Strothmann and Alexander Teetz
16:00 Robust digital twin compositions for Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing systems. Davy Preuveneers, Wouter Joosen and Elisabeth Ilie-Zudor
16:30 An Intelligent Framework for Issue Ticketing System based on Machine Learning. Ruanda Qamili and Shaban Shabani

19:00 Welcome reception, Stockholm City Hall hosted by the City of Stockholm