What will it mean to be a human in the future?

Automation used to replace our muscles – now it replaces our brains. The use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, will soon impact everyone’s lives. AI and smart algorithms are capable of adding value in areas like law, medicine, economics, transportation. AI will be everywhere. The initiative addAI will explore what happens when you add AI to all these new areas.

The Swedish based initiative addAI is a collaboration between experts in academia, government and companies to discuss and explore the impact of smart algorithms and AI on society.

The initiative works on typical questions like:

  • Sociology: What is the best ways to interact with AI and how may it change the relations between humans?
  • Law: How much responsibility should AI have? AI and the rule of law?
  • Business: What does a AI strategy mean for an organisation or a country?

More info at http://addai.org

Daniel Akenine is working for the Microsoft Technology Office on the long term impact of technology on social and economic development. He is a member of ISO’s international expert group for cloud standards, vice chairman of the Swedish Computer Society, teacher at the Royal Institute of Technology and chairman for Iasa Sweden. He is also the co-founder of two technology companies and holds patent applications in Europe and the United States in applied cryptography.
Daniel has a previous history as a brain researcher at the Karolinska Institute, developer and architect at the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange and lead architect for one of the largest Credit Management systems in Europe. Daniel is also an established Swedish fiction writer. Follow Daniel on Twitter @dakenine

Cyber security in the age of artificial intelligence

Åsa Schwarz is a security columnist and author of the hacker thriller, The seven keys. For two decades, she has worked as an information security consultant and is now Head of Business Development for Security Services at Knowit. Visit https://asaschwarz.com for more information and follow Åsa on Twitter @AsaSchwarz

Photo: Magnus Fond