Address: Room Q31, Malvinas väg 6, KTH Stockholm

09:00 – Introduction of participants and expectations

09:30 – Session 1: “Let’s look at it from the top perspective.”

Adina Aldea, Maria-Eugenia Iacob and Dick Quartel:
From Business Strategy to Enterprise Architecture and Back

Raphael David Schilling:
Theories to Understand the Dynamic Nature of Enterprise Architecture

10:30 – Morning tea

11:00 – Session 2: “Let’s reconsider how we are doing it.”

Henderik Proper, Marija Bjeković, Bas Van Gils and Sybren De Kinderen:
Enterprise Architecture Modelling: Purpose, requirements and language

Katharina Ellermann, Jonas Steeger and Ulrike Steffens:
An Extensible Enterprise Architecture Pattern for Turnaround Management

12:00 – Intermediate summary and discussion

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Session 3: “Let’s interact with the agile ones.”

Mert Canat, Núria Pol Català, Alexander Jourkovski, Svetlomir Petrov, Martin Wellme and Robert Lagerström:
Enterprise Architecture and Agile Development: Friends or Foes?

14:00 – Breakout session: Harmonisation of EAM and agile methods

Notes from TEAR breakout session on Harmonisation of EAM and agile methods.

15:00 – Afternoon tea

15:30 – Session 4: “Let’s check the tools required for EAM.”

Emmanuel Nowakowski, Martin Häusler and Ruth Breu:
Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Tool Support for Industry 4.0 Transformation Planning

Rainer Schlör and Jürgen Jung:
Analysis Using the Business Support Matrix: Elaborating Potential for Improving Application Landscapes in Logistics

16:30 – Summary, feedback and closure

17:00 – End of TEAR workshop

19:00 Welcome reception, Stockholm City Hall hosted by the City of Stockholm